m4v files crash NitoTV

Hi, I have converted some old DVDs from VOBs to m4v files to save HD space, but now the m4v files crash NitoTV. They were encoded via Handbrake and are greater than 1GB… Amy suggestions? Pls let me know, happy to send along any other info that may be needed… Cheers.

When I use HANDBRAKE typically put the settings on:

1)  5G IPOD checked  (think that is the box)

2)  IPOD IPHONE encoded

So far I can play every single video done this way.  yes the resolution is not great, but it is just as good as almost anything broadcast.  If I want better quality, I buy the BLURAY and pop in the disk


Thanks, I will try that.

How did your M4V troubles turn out?

My understanding is that M4V should play fine. Are you (by chance) using the new version of handbrake that was just released Jan/11 (sorry can't remember version number)?

If so then perhaps the problem lies with the presets (or some other handbrake) settings you are using with the newest release of Handbrake?

Just a thought.