M4 iPad Pro support?

@james I presume you are expecting infuse to work ok on new M4 iPad Pro with OLED?

Are you expecting any changes needed in relation to updated OLED screens etc?

I would guess not but just wondering.

Perhaps James could consider bringing the ‘pure dark background’ feature from the tvOS port to the iPadOS port

I expect it should work out of the box, but since we don’t have a device in hand I cannot say for certain.

If issues do come up we can address those on a case-by-case basis.

Great, thanks

I’ll let you know on Thursday.

Wait, have you already pre-ordered the new iPad Pro M4? I’m looking forward to hearing your reviews once you’ve had a chance to try it out. I already own an iPad Pro M1, and it seems like the new XDR OLED screen is far better than the old models.

Yes, ordered the moment they announced as had been waiting for months for them to be released. I have/had an old iPad 10.5” pro from maybe 2016 or so (can’t remember exactly). My daughter (4 years old) has taken it for car journeys and for the occasional tv we let her watch.

Have been waiting to buy a new one primarily for movies/tv while traveling but will try it out for certain laptop replacement activities to see how well it can do.

I’m hoping the 13” OLED looks as good as it sounds like it should!

Supposed to arrive on Thursday, just in time for me to setup and test out on a 16 hour flight.

Will let you know how it goes.

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Looks like there’s some issues to be worked out by Apple too

Well at least Apple have acknowledged it for a change :).

Not related but made me think back to HDR settings in infuse. In the past I have found that “apple HDR” looks much better than “infuse HDR” at least in some examples I saw. Infuse setting seemed to cause lots of banding that wasn’t there when I switched to “Apple” setting.

I just got my M4 iPad Pro 11". So far everything works fine, I’m not observing any weird behaviors.

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Awesome, my 13” iPad Pro is waiting for me at home
So will get it setup tonight/tomorrow.

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I got the M4 also and to me it looks just dim and not full brightness like it’s not playing HDR. I looked into it and found someone said that screen recording makes it brighter and it does make it brighter. Why would it make it brighter, the screen brightness is max and battery save is off, its plugged in too.

Strange. I got mine yesterday and tried out some 4K HDR blu ray backups that I converted into mkv. No compression just the same as off the disc.

Picture looked amazing.

I started playing around testing out and started hackers in 4K and ended up sitting there for almost 2 hours watching the whole movie :joy:.

Definitely didn’t think it looked dim…

Not sure if it makes a different to brightness (although I’ve definitely seen a difference before with picture quality) but I was using HDR set to “apple” not “infuse”.

@dan.k Where do you find that HDR setting? It doesn’t show on Infuse on my iPad. Am I missing something?

Oops, maybe I am mixing up settings between Mac OS and iPad….was just thinking to myself that I always use “Apple” setting and maybe relevant but your right. It looks like that is a Mac OS setting.

How dim are you talking about? Are you comparing to another infuse playback in HDR that looks different?

People often think HDR looks dim. Just because HDR doesn’t mean bright but should mean bigger range of bright vs dark.

Congratulations to you, Dan K, on your new iPad Pro M4. It must provide an awesome HDR viewing experience.

Like I said. I just quickly tested out a few full rip 4K HDR files (profile 7 DV so infuse just used standard HDR) and ended up watching the whole movie, and that was when I started at 11pm…:man_facepalming::joy:

My only minor gripe that would make it way better for my usage (which is basically a portable movie machine) would be a better aspect ratio….but that would likely make it a much less useful tablet for everything else so will never happen :rofl:

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It’s like having a mobile home theater when you have AirPods Pro or Max at the same time.

While playing a video try screen recording and the screen should get brighter. It’s really weird