M3u playlist support and better list view request

Hello pretty new to infuse and apple tv but would love if these features were added. Full m3u and xtream support with no limit on playlist size, yes I do recall seeing thread on this here but that was an old one and doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere if not mistaken, this would greatly add the number of feeds/channels easily accessible and give them an advantage over plex which doesn’t have this feature. Contrary to popular belief there are curated lists of publicly accessible feeds available. I would also love a list view that doesn’t just look like a folder list on a computer like they currently have but have a folder list which lists them on the side as a pane kind of like how plex does it, or tivimate on android. Kodi has multiple ways to view your collection as a gallery including cover mode, list mode, etc. I would love if they could incorporate different ways to see your collection

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