M3U; Playlist; IPTV Support

I signed up on here just so I can post that I would like M3U support. Would love to integrate my HD Homerun Prime into it.

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Hello pretty new to infuse and apple tv but would love if these features were added. Full m3u and xtream support with no limit on playlist size, yes I do recall seeing thread on this here but that was an old one and doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere if not mistaken, this would greatly add the number of feeds/channels easily accessible and give them an advantage over plex which doesn’t have this feature. Contrary to popular belief there are curated lists of publicly accessible feeds available. I would also love a list view that doesn’t just look like a folder list on a computer like they currently have but have a folder list which lists them on the side as a pane kind of like how plex does it, or tivimate on android. Kodi has multiple ways to view your collection as a gallery including cover mode, list mode, etc. I would love if they could incorporate different ways to see your collection

I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Okay, what are the chances this might actually be implemented? are the developers active on adding new features? i’d also like to see more gui interface options to view content, more gallery view options as well.If they add these new features i think i’d be very satisified with my purchase.

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We can always request. And keep hoping

Lets be honest, they never seem to want to add anything when suggested they always pass the buck so to speak, always going yeah add that to the suggestion thread but never actually eager to take the time/energy to implement suggestions,
More eager to collect subs and lifetime passes ala plex. Theres room for them to even surpass plex as a go to media manager if they only put in the time/effort to actually implement new features and updates but lazy and being mediocre

Honesty is they are the best at what they do, which is why you are even here. This forum is to make suggestions or find answers to problems you might be having, not to bash them for not focusing right away on something that may have never been in their plans to begin with. They don’t work for you, they probably had a dream at one point and built something spectacular, could it be better? Yes, everything can always improve.

It’s easy to criticize, take a breath before you do and ask yourself if it’s necessary. They may never implement this feature and infuse will still be an amazing app, I do hope they implement these features too, but all we can do is show them how many people support the idea and pitch them how it would give them a competitive advantage. Even better, give some constructive feedback like how you would like to see it implemented.

Sorry, I just hate when people criticize others who have worked so hard to deliver something, beautiful or not, in this case it happens to be beautiful, and you call them lazy and mediocre.

Firecore have improved my life and made a mark in this world, I applaude you guys. But yeah would love iptv support haha.

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Listen you want to white knight that’s on you, you wrote an entire essay on how magnificent they are apparently. Some of us will actually come right out and call it like it is. They want to be like their big brother plex and charge subs and lifetime passes but not willing to put in the effort/work, whether you think that’s a valid criticism is on you and I am entitled to have my opinion on it. Way I see it is I can’t recall the last real update and nearly every suggestion gets pushed aside which anyone would indicate as they could care less. For example If you had a boss or co-worker who did likewise your impression would be they don’t take your concerns seriously and are being lazy and making excuses and being unreliable hence the impression give. Also awaiting the 2 page counter essay saying anyone who disagrees is an ungrateful heathen. Okay can anyone tell me actually when when they last had a significant real update?

Agreed 100%. Infuse is excellent at what it does and what it was designed to do - play networked media files. IPTV streaming is something completely different. I use IPTV, wouldn’t be without it and would love to see it in Infuse. The reason being is that it would be great to have media and IPTV in one app. For me Infuse is so slick and simple to use that I can only imagine the devs could do a fine job of implementing it. Most of the IPTV apps I’ve tried for Apple TV have been trash and I’ve had to revert to IPTV Smarters running on a Firestick as the Apple TV version is completely trash and unintuitive to navigate. That being said, if Infuse decides to stick with what they know and are best at so be it and I certainly have no reason to criticise their focus.

Peter, absolutely we can, it’s public information.

Most of the iptv apps on appletv have been trash, all of the apps look cut and paste in terms of look and appearance looking like each other, I prefer the sleek interface and look of tivimate if the do borrow design wise

try iPlayTV or IPTVX. They’re the best out there.

If adding this is too much maybe another app for IPTV made by the infuse team would be great


I would happily pay another sub for it. Would prefer one app though.

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If Infuse would support this, I would no longer need any other device or app!
This would make Infuse a media killer!

It woul be wonderfull. I really hope they implement this feature!!!