M3U; Playlist; IPTV Support


I’d love to see IPTV with Xtream integration

+1 I would absolutely love m3u iptv support. It’s the only reason I even keep the Plex app on my Apple TV anymore.

plus 1 for IPTV support. Judging by the length of this thread I don’t hold out much hope…It might be better if someone just says “never gonna happen”

+1 for this feature :+1:t3:

Is there any news ?

You can follow the status of suggestions that are on the upcoming additions here.

Also note that this thread is still tagged as “wishlist” which means " A good idea for a future update *(no ETA available)".

Yes we need this in infuse!!!, the other iptv app un the Appstore are the worst


This is a must!


I’d really like Xtream and IPTV support too

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IPTV added would be really great!

+1 really looking forward to iptv functionality

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+1 for IPTV

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+1 for IPTV

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Bringing this to the top again
Would make infuse the perfect package on iOS tvOS

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Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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We live and learn :slight_smile:

And done

I have come across previous requests for this feature one with close to 400 responses supposedly merged into this post but not showing the close to 400 comments only 85. Why?

This seems to be a hotter topic that firecore is not recognising and you should. Its a must have feature now. Look at most other apps similar to yours. They have iptv/m3u support yet alas they are crap or ugly or badly implemented.

Huge reasons i got a lifetime subscription with infuse were the fact that it looks great, easy to use (some refinements still needed) leading edge development, listens to customers wants.

That seems not to be the case here so I think all topics on IPTV get properly merged into one main post. I thing then you will see its wanted, needed and has to be the next step in infuse. If it doesn’t you will lose customers to other platforms that offer all media streaming options.

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+1 for IPTV implementation



Waiting for this new feature.

+1 for IPTV implementation

would love to ditch the crappy tvheadend client on all platforms

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