m3u files won't show

I have updated to 1.4 yesterday. I have my music and playlist files (m3u) in my shared folder, but m3u files won’t show in Media Player. How can I fix this?

Currently M3U files are supported only through Couch Surfer.

Selecting a M3U file in Couch Surfer will automatically begin playback.

And actually how do I select a via network accessable m3u within Couchsurfer?


I have the same problem, not able to see m3u playlist files. 

I didn’t get how to browse this file thru Couch Surfer.


I would also like the feature of having accessible and playable m3u-files!!!

I have my music on my nas in folders organized by Artist-name, Album, and it is very desirable to make use of playlists!

Another possibility would be to have UPnP capabilities on the ATV, because then it is possible to connect to a mediaserver on the nas.

Maybe somebody of Firecore reads this …

(weeks ago I already send a support ticket, wich they answered BTW)

same here. not sure how to access the m3u files.