M3u channels support for IPTV

Support for the Apple TV 4K would be great, right now I use another app to watch tv, it would be convenient if support for iptv would be added.


Isn’t there any demand on this?

+1 for me

With this feature Infuse truly does it all. Would be great. For James, are there any future plans for IPTV support?

It would be a total Infuse TV app.

This could easily beat the Apple’s TV app which is not available in Poland.

Also not available here in the Netherlands.

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I opened a new tread before seeing this one


This would be amazing!

that would be amazong!!

Yes, currently I’m using another app to load the IPTV, it’ll be great to have all in one on Infuse. Please consider adding this feature.

I use also other Apps on the Apple TV for example Youtube and Netflix, so I think it’s not a big problem if there is also another app to watch Live TV (M3U).

Big +1 from me! Subscriber to Infuse Pro - Love it - Just would love to have my M3U IPTV in the same App.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Which other app of Live Tv?

Yes pls. 1+

Yes, +1!!