M2TS / BDMV Support

First of all, thanks for the continuous improvements. There does seem a gradual improvement in playback and support for various video formats.


My question is whether it is planned to fully support m2ts/bdmv as in a full bluray rip. Currently the file stutters and isn’t watchable.


In conjunction with this, are there plans to support DTS HD MA audio.


Thanks for your contributions.

Better support for .m2ts files should be available in the next version.

DTS is sound is currently supported - just enable the DTS Audio option found in the Media --> Settings menu.

Thanks, I gathered that further support for mt2s was in the pipeline since you had commenced it in the previous version. Does the current DTS specifically support DTS HD MA. The reason that I refer to this is because the amp usually indicates a MA track when it receives one. This isn’t occurring at the moment where it is simply showing it as a DTS track.

Thanks for adding m2ts support. I am getting mixed results ie. some are playing seamlessly. Others are displaying the symptoms as prior to the update. I am also getting the same message “This file will not play smoothly…”. The file that has played well is m2ts with mpeg 4 video. The two m2ts that haven’t are also mpeg 4 and the other is AVC. Would appreciate any insight, thanks.

Would you mind sending in the specs for videos you are having trouble with, as described here.

seems my MTS files will only play back audio for maybe 10 seconds; the screen goes all light green in color and no video.  the atv2 then crashes and i have to cold boot it.

note that MTS files are same as M2TS, but my vid cam names them MTS.  i then have to change the extension to M2TS for ATV flash to see them.

they are 1440x1080, not true 1080i/p and the audio is recorded as dolby digital.

one other note: this is beta7 and the latest media player.

Do you know the framerate your camera records at? Some cameras will default to 60 FPS, which is ridiculously high (most movies are 24 FPS, and other content 30 FPS).


it records at 60 FPS.  At least looking at the details of the video stream using VLC indicates this.

but interlaced, playback would be 30 FPS, no?

Exact same problem here (sound for a few seconds, no image, then green screen, ATV2 crashes).

File comes from a Sony NEX camera, full HD with a frame rate of 50 and AC3 audio.

just tried the latest media player update.  same problem – green screen for video but can hear the audio.

have to cold-boot the apple tv as it crashes as well

hope you didn’t lose track of this.

i’d pay decent money (more than you are currently charging) if I don’t have to re-encode all my M2TS files from my Canon HD camera :slight_smile:



I am playing video files recorded by my Panasonic DMC-TZ7 just fine.

However the camera generates .mts files, so I have to rename them to .m2ts in order to be able to play the files. Why do you not recognize .mts files? Do i really have to rename the files?

Furthermore it would be nice if you could give us the option of enabling continuous sequential playing of video files in a folder, instead of stopping after playback of the selected file. I have a large number of small video files with home video, and I do not want to spend the time editing and clipping these together into a large file.


what are the specs your camera records at?

mine do not show video and it crashes atv2.  i record at 1440x1080i 60FPS.

kind of a bummer…

I am new to aTV and aTV Flash;  any m2ts file crashes the aTV. Screen goes green, audio plays for a few seconds then the system completely freezes. What can I do about this?All of my home video is in the same m2ts video format.

Also, are .3gp files supported? These files will play on Media Player but the audio is completely scrambled.

Finally, I also receive an error message when trying to view mpg files. Any help gratefully received. Thanks in advance.