LPCM Audio tag not showing up

None of my movies with PCM audio (5.1) currently gets tagged in the app for Apple TV. All other audio codecs get tags, DTS-HD, Truehd, DD+ etc.

Is this intended?

How are these appearing for you in the app?

Often times a video may contain multiple audio tracks, so Infuse may be displaying the specs for an alternate track.

In the app no information about any audio codec is displayed. It’s all empty next to the ‘1080p’ tag. It doesn’t display for movies with only one track either.

But this only happens to me with PCM

Can you try using the Edit option for one of the affected titles (this will reload the metadata/specs) and see if it appears correctly?

I just tested this here in the current 6.4.7 version, and it seems to work as expected.

I’ve noticed that if you are currently ripping the item when infuse scans it it will still have problems showing correct metadata until you finish and do edit.

Thanks. That did the trick, PCM tags are now showing up.

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Just noticed that if the media is from Plex specifically, PCM tags won’t show up. For these no edit option is available either. I’ve tried pressing update a few times but the tags still don’t show up.

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