Lowtide or AppleTV process not found 4.4.4

I’ve just gone through the steps to Jailbreak my ATV2(4.4.4) and all was well until I got to the end of installing plex plugin. When I ran killall AppleTV, it said process couldn’t be found. I tried killall Lowtide as well, just in case, but same result. I then just put in reboot, and now the GUI won’t load. I’m still able to ssh in. I don’t mind re-JBing, but is there a new command that needs to be run instead of killall AppleTV, or should I not run that at all? Is there an issue with the version of plex(0.8.3)? Thanks in advance

ytsejam1138 provided the post below, which solved my issue, which was indeed a result of the plex plugin version.