Low Memory Reboot When bulk loading matadata

I had just updated the Media player which now does a fancy grid view and bulk loads the metadata and everything which i like but the appletv crashes when the bulkloading of the metadata occurs I have 366 Movies varying in format and quailty. But i have all the file names fixed so it used to load the metadata as i have one selected which didnt bother me at all. I have a wireless router with a 1TB harddrive hooked up running a smb share. this is where my movies and mosic are all saved. I apple tv is connected with an ethernet cable to the same router. I just want to fix this issues i already sent my diagnostic info into Firecore threw the appleTV. For now i would just like to know how to downgrade it untill this issue is resolved

Hi mtorr060


i have the same issue with photos and music, “running out of memory” i suggest that it happens in combination perhaps with remoteHD or another app if the virtual memory is low becauseof too many tasks in the memory. also have send diagnostics … please help with a resolution.


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