Loud click on audio when movie starts

im getting a loud click when a movie starts , playind a vob, using Media player,


AVT flash 0.7


Disable AC3 Passthrough


Cheers, that was an easy fix :slight_smile:

Essentially what’s happening is that when playback begins/resumes the AppleTV will switch from PCM (analog) to AC3/DTS (digital) sound. Some receivers will take a moment to recognize the switch, and will incorrectly process the digital sound as analog. This results in the split second of static you hear.

We’re planning to address this in a future version.

Yes, and i think this is the reason, why AC3 Passthrough doesn’t work correctly. I posted in another thread, that AC3 passthrough works for me when i disable the “click” sound if you press the remote.

Then the Receiver doesn’t get this PCM - AC3 switch because there is no sound before the film starts. But DTS works fine all the time…

Here my post:

Regards Chris

P.S. I’m using Media Player 0.7 on iOS 4.2.2 jailbreaked with Seas0nPass

Interesting. Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone.  :wink:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

I just want to update, that in Beta7 AC3 still doesn’t work correctly, when the “Click” Sound is enabled…

I’m disappointed…