Lots of videos cannot be cast to Chromecast

I’ve downloaded and signed up for the subscription Pro 7. I’m disappointed to find so many videos cannot be cast to Google Chromecast. I have a large collection of downloaded movies in either MP4 or MKV format and I estimate at least 60-70% of the hundreds I’ve tried so far cannot be streamed to Chromecast. This is unacceptable for an app using a subscription model to charge people.

What is being done to fix these issues and make the app more useable?

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Here is the users guide for Infuse and Google Cast that may shed some light on your issues and it lists the current list of compatible video formats.

Thanks i read that initially when I realised that Infuse cannot cast the majority of the videos I want to be able to play with it. What I want to know is what are the app developers doing about it? As is the app has massive short comings when there are so many files that cannot be cast to Chromecast.

What format are these files? If they are x265 then I believe it is a limitation of Chromecast that it cannot handle that format.

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And along the same lines as what @itimpi said, have you checked those videos against the list of what Google says Google Cast can handle? There are very specific codecs and video containers that must be used to support casting.

I think it might be the same problem as mine. Other apps cast without a problem but this one seem not to work. Disappointed to see there’s no support for that after months and months. I don’t think it’s about the movie format…