Lost Sync on Apple TV after installing ATV Flash

This might be a dumb question, but I’m a PC user, rather than an Apple one… I recently installed ATV Flash 3.5 (windows download version) on my Apple TV which, at the time, had the latest patches applied (as far as I know). It worked fine except for one thing: iTunes now only syncs photos to it. The option of syncing music and movies has gone completely. I can access the library through Sharing but this is not ideal as it means iTunes has to be running on the other PC (don’t fully understand why).

How can I get iTunes to Sync to my Apple TV again when ATV Flash is loaded?

Many thanks for your help with such basic questions.

Further to this, before posting this query I rebooted both my PC (and reloaded iTunes) and my AppleTV a few times, to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.

In the past restoring the Apple TV and repatching it helped most people. Of course by doing that you lose the data on the Apple TV. Once iTunes loses the sync code between the Apple TV and itself, I do not know of manual way to get it back. I’ll try looking in the Apple TV for a plist file.

Many thanks, “madcran.” I’ve just retried after loading ATVFlash 3.6.1 but it hasn’t made a difference. iTunes still only has the Summary and the Photo tabs for the Apple TV: no Music or Movies ones… very strange. Incidentally, my Apple TV software version is still 2.3.1. - when I try to update it just says the TV is up to date. Could this have an effect?

Go to Maintenance > Settings > Apple TV Updates > and make sure that is Enabled. Update to 2.4 and then aTVFlash 3.6.1 and hopefully throughout that process you will regain sync capabilities.