Lost SMB Shared Media after updated to 1.6 l

  • Updated to 1.6

  • no media available under my usual SMB Share

  • no longer able to add an SMB share. I only have the AFP option (the Other… option at the top of the screen just spins forever)

  • was able to add drives as AFP share

  • files only became accessible after restarting the ATV twice.


Is there a solution to this problem

It seems that I am getting somthing similar (SMB shares not accessible anymore from the aTV, happening randomly; the shares are still visible by all other network members).

Only solution I found up to now is to restart the SMB server when it happens…

Similar/same problem.  I just upgraded to 1.6.  I can not seem to see the files I used before the upgrade.  The ATV2 sometimes sees my Airport extreme and its two hard drives but not any folders in them.


However, I have installed XBMC and that works as usual.

I have the same issue – latest version of Media Player is playing havoc with my AFP connection to my my book live; I’ve never had these issues before.

+1 on these issues being new.


I updated from 4.3 to 5.02 at the same time I upgraded atv flash from 1.5 to 1.6 so I can’t say where the problem lies exactly but I’m not sure how Firecore people here keep saying there is no problem when it only takes five minutes reading the forum to see that’s not true.

Not sure if this will help anyone.  I had this problem as well with the update.  I do really like that it finds your shares automatically instead of having to enter everything in and remembering what the extra directories to go to were…

Initially, my two computers on my network, one a wifi and one hooked up by ethernet - the wifi computer share came showed up as it should, with all directories within that were shared being shown.


My PC that is on the SMB network via ehternet on the other hand, first showed an empty directory only, not the many shares I have including the WD 1TB external drive.

I restarted my atv2 and one more of the PC’s shared directories showed up but still not anywhere near all of them.  So after reading someones post on here - I restarted my pc and my external drive, and then restarted my atv2 (disconnected the power supply for 30secs).  I then started itunes on the PC and then went to my atv and my shares were finally all displayed and running well.

Hope that helps someone anyways.

Same problems here, both with SMB and AFP. The shares drop out frequently, even during playback. No problems before the latest software/firmware update. 

UPDATE: I had different problem with the network, and now that it is resolved, the ATV works fine.


Support seems non existent… I opened a ticket and it was closed without any solution or comment as to why the case was closed… Don’t hold your breath folks!!!