Lost root password

Just received an ATV2 already jailbroken in the post today.  It’s running ATVFlash 2.0 which I’d like to update.  Only problem is that chummy, from whom I bought it, doesn’t recall changing the root password.  D’Oh!

Does restoring the firmware reset the root password?  I’d doubt it but does anybody know?

Restore will reset it.
Make sure you have saved shsh blobs before restore.

Thanks.  Yes, I will dump the blobs in iFaith, upload to Cydia and then download them again.  Still a gamble but I don’t seem to have any choice.

Just check on atv maintenance what blobs are saved already.

I don’t altogether trust ATV Flash maintenance panel :o

Plenty of blobs on Cydia.  Re-jailbroke to 5.2.  Password reset to alpine.