Lost presets under Internet/Radio


Hi–I’m running ATVBlack 1.3 (and the Maintenance/Manage screen is showing version 1.3-22). The AppleTV is running fine–I can use Couch Surfer and stream media from my iMac, Netflix is fine, so are the “Movies” (from the iTunes store), etc–but suddenly all the preset stations disappeared under the various genre/categories under Internet/Radio.  

I have no pending entries labelled “update” under Maintenance, and I’m assuming everything is up-to-date.

I did have a couple Internet/Radio “presets” and those are shown in the list, but when clicking on one, I get “! Cannot Access Internet Radio Stations. Check your network configuration and try again.”

I also ssh’d into to reboot it, still no categories.

Any ideas how to restore the internet radio?  Thanks for any help!  --michael


I’m going to answer my own question.  Apparently there’s something awry with the Apple radio tuning service. I’m getting this on my iMac via iTunes as well:

“An error occurred while contacting the radio tuning service”

It’s very random; some categories in iTunes will list stations, others will time out.

Apparently I’m not alone. Here are some relevant and very recent items (March 2 2012) from Apple’s “support communities”






Today’s third generation iPad announcement, the new iOS 5.1 release, as well as iTunes 10.6 (40) seems to have cleared everything up… All of the radio ‘stations’ now show up under each of the categories, on both the AppleTV and iTunes.   --mr