Lost one of my NFS server

It’s the second time, I lost my NFS share on my Ubuntu server… so I have again to redo ALL my research to build the library.

Why on earth do you erase all the library if you don’t see a server???

When I say I lost a server : suddently the share and all folders associated are gone, I have to add a new share manually.
I have 6000 elements on this server, 4hours of works to redo the library…

… is it possible to do something to avoid that.

I’m running the last piblic beta of TVOS and last regular Infuse pro with complete subscription


What size Apple TV do you have and do you have a lot of other apps too? I don’t know if this is what is happening to you, but for me, I would have all the metadata for my library disappear and Infuse would have to rescan everything. tvOS will sometimes look to reclaim storage on device which means that it wipes out infuse if it doesn’t have enough space. 6000 items is quite a lot, so if you have a 32GB this is more likely than 64GB.

Now you said that it forgot the share altogether, so not just the library rescan? Do you have it on an iphone/ipad? Did it disappear there too?

I have the 32Go ATV4k
Only a few app (Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube) and very very few data in each apps (says the menu about that in the configuration).
The share on my NFS Ubuntu server is around 6000 files (1000 movies and 5000 anime and series episodes).

I have also Infuse on my iPad Pro and the share disappear on it at the same time. Not only the date were lost but the server disappeared from my server list in the Infuse menu. so before doing a rescan, I had to add again the server adress and then add in the favorites each folders containing videos.
In the Infuse App on iPAd pro, it says that all my metada makes 5Go.

If this is a size problem, and that can occur agin sometimes, is there a way to add metadata files next to each files to minimize the time of reconstruction?


Okay, so a bit different than what happened to me. Haven’t heard of a share completely being removed. I would recommend that if it happens again, immediately report it through the app so they can get the diagnostics and maybe figure out what happened.

Chances are your Apple TV is running out of space, and tvOS is ‘helping’ by clearing out data stored in Infuse. The storage amounts listed in Settings will reflect only the size of the apps themselves, and not any extra info they download after being installed.

If you are able to send in a report and open a support ticket we can look into this further.