Lost of all metadata store on line (icloud)

Once again i’ve lost all metadata stored on line (icloud).
Is there again a problem with metadata ?

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

Can you provide a bit more info on the issue you experienced?

Was the metadata/artwork removed, but your shares/favorites still present?

I’ve lost only metadata, not favorite, neither NAS connection.
All modified (edited) info from films (the one Infuse didn’t match directly because of different films uses same name) where lost.
I am using 2 apple TV so I need them to be synchronized (easier) and I have icloud checked in settings.
Last time I had this problem was due to a general error (many people lost their favorite, NAS connection and edited metadata)

Thanks for the info.

This seems to be related to how the Apple TV handles its storage. Unfortunately, the Apple TV can and will automatically remove app data if it detects your device is running low on storage space.

To help avoid this in the future I’d recommend removing apps you don’t find yourself using.