Lost "Location" Option and All Home Screen Icons Except XBMC, Computers, Settings

Used new Seas0npass to put 5.1 on my ATV2 today.  Used stock settings.


Did a few reboots setting up and had an XBMC crash one of them in one of the reboot attempts.  Had to hard reset.  


After that, all homescreen icons are gone except Settings, Computers, and XBMC.


Read here that the problem is location setting getting cleared out under apple store…Only one problem…When I go into Location, it’s totally blank.  Can’t make a selection in there at all.  Can hear audio but only the error sound, nothing to pick.


IS there a fix or have I uncovered an unfixable bug?  SSH and XBMC still work so if there’s a way I can set this manually I’m happy to try.  Just saying that it’s not possible via the menu for me so setting location back to United States doesn’t seem to be an option for me.

Got more info, apologies.  If I wait long enough (the ATV2 is connected wirelessly, maybe that’s why) a location list DOES come up.


After I select United States, everything comes back.


However, as soon as I load XBMC, and then exit it again using Shutdown, the “United States” setting is lost and it’s back to this again.

This happens every time I launch XBMC and shutdown, location setting is lost.
EDIT: MORE INFO - This happens every time I reboot the ATV, XBMC seems to have nothing to do with it.  Location is not being saved under Apple Store in the FireCore settings icon.


This isn’t happening to anyone else?

Set the country setting to your country (Canada I assume) and it will restore everything properly.