Lost in forumspace,

I remember reading an entry from someone who said he used the blobs from one atv to jailbreak an other one. I don’t find the posting anymore. Who knows where to find it or who wrote it?

it all depends on what verison you have and i think your thinking about this http://forum.firecore.com/topic/7455

OK, to make it more clear: I’ve got a JBen ATV2 version 4.4.4. and I’ve got one that’s on 5.0, can I use the BLOBS from thet JBen one to JB the other? I beleive I saw a posting from someone who claimed to have done that succesfull.

No - you cannot use the blobs from one device on the other for what you want (which is I am assuming to downgrade the 5.0 system to 4.4.4).

There have been threads about getting a TETHERED jailbreak of 4.4.2 using blobs from another device - but this is not the scenario you have.