Lost HD audio

I just noticed today that my soundbar (YSP2500) no longer pops the HD audio light (just shows as surround). Am not sure when it started having issues (maybe after the latest tvOS update)? I’ve rechecked settings on the ATV4k, appears I have settings correct (audio as auto). Anyone else having issues with Infuse and the latest update, on TrueHD or DTS-MA?

EDIT: Looked at the input info sent to the soundbar, and it shows DD 5.1. Checked again the ATV audio format, Change Format is off. Audio Mode is Auto. Audio output is HDMI. Seems like it should be working but isn’t…

It’s either an Apple TV setting or a soundbar setting. If Dolby Digital is disabled in Apple TV settings then everything is sent as LPCM.

Is your Apple TV connected directly to the sounder, or are you going through a TV?

Almost directly, and that’s a debug issue… Since the YSP2500 is HDMI 1.4a, the ATV4k is routed through an HDFury AVR-KEY. 4k video to the LG C8, split audio from th AVRKEY to the soundbar HDMI2 input. That has worked, and had worked for some time. No configuration changes to the AVR-KEY or the soundbar, but the ATV4k has had Infuse updates and tvOS updates. So I’m trying to trace through where the audio gets “dropped” to DD5.1, instead of the LPCM I’ve had in past. So far can’t find anything.

Just BTW, this is playing content off my Plex server, with TrueHD or DTS-MA audio. Plex dashboard indeed shows Infuse direct-playing all streams.

Got it. The HDFury is probably a contributing factor here.

With the Apple TV set to Auto, the Apple TV will try and detect the capabilities of the device you are connected to. If the device supports LPCM 7.1, the Apple TV will send it. In other cases it may send DD 5.1 or LPCM 2.0, just depending on your setup. This detection is handled at the tvOS level, and unfortunately Infuse will not be able to override this.

My best guess is Apple changed how this detection works in the recent tvOS 13.4 update, which is why you are seeing a different behavior than before.

As a quick test, you may try eliminating the HDFury to see if the audio is correct. Of course, with HDMI 1.4a you won’t be able to use HDR, but it may answer the audio question.

Thanks. I’ve been afraid the tvOS update could be an issue. Your suggestion to bypass the HDFury and see if normal Bluray does HD audio is a good one. I’ll move the question also to HDFury’s support and follow up with them as well.