lost files

I’ve had my ATV2 up and running fine for awhile now connected to my NAS–it ackowledged various movies and tv shows once I got the hang of naming them properly. it would run a scan daily with no issues, update and add any new shows without a problem, both tv and movie labeled properly. I recently bought another NAS as my current one was filling up quickly, and followed advice about naming them differently to make sure ther are no conflicts. I simply renamed my current NAS from mybooklive to mybooklive-1 and now everything is messed up. 

I went in and added a new share, with the new name of my NAS. It sees it, but when I connect and scan for data it takes forever…and attributes everything to movies. it says I have 4540 movie files–I know I don’t. I have a ton of tv shows, but not nearly as many movies. I have been fighting with this for 2 days now and I know it has to be something simple I overlooked or whatnot–so I figured I would ask here. thanks so much

Navigate to the directory that holds your Tv shows. Then press and hold the select button on the remote until the menu pops where you change the content type from Movie to TV Show.

THANKS!!  all fixed now, i knew there was something I was forgetting