Lost all metadata (and some configs) twice after updates

After updating (automatically) Infuse to 5.9.1 on my ATV 4K all metadata was gone. I first noticed it because the Infuse’s Top Shelf just had the Infuse logo. Also opening Infuse most of my custom covers (for Movies, Library, etc) were gone. The settings (colours) for the Comedy/Drama/ Action/etc movie sections were gone as well. So I rebuilt the metadata and re-assigned the covers.

Yesterday I updated tvOS to 12.1.1 and after the reboot there it was again. Same identical situation. All metadata gone and lost covers.

Infuse connects to my NAS Server via SMB 3.0 I have an iPad and an iPhone, all with Infuse 5.9.1 installed. The iCloud syncing was enabled on my ATV 4k and my iPhone, but not on my iPad (now I have enabled it in them all). The libraries are fine in both iPhone and iPad.

The issue is a bit annoying also due to a second issue: The Frankenstein Chronicles TV Show, and John Wick 2 do not get recognised, I have to assign their metadata manually. Plus, obviously, it’s tiresome to restore all covers. Oh, and all my chronology (currently watching) gets lost as well. But it’s there on my iDevices.

Sorry for the trouble.

The most likely cause of this is your device is running low on storage space, and tvOS is ‘helping’ by clearing up some disk space for other apps. We see this sometimes when a lot of apps are installed, or if the apps you are using are caching a lot of data (IPTV apps, games, etc…).

One of the big things we’re working on for Infuse 6 is an all-new iCloud implementation which will greatly assist in cases where the Apple TV does remove Infuse data, as Infuse will be able to quickly download this info from iCloud instead of having to scan all your files again.

We expect to have Infuse 6 available in early 2019, so please keep an eye out for updates. In the meantime, you may look at removing apps you don’t find yourself using, to avoid tvOS from having to clear out your data quite as often.


Oh yeah, that’s for sure my case. I have little installed, but only few GB free. Probably due to the many aerial screensavers (it’s a bit disappointing actually that it fills my 32GB. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the 64GB version anywhere).

I’ll see if I manage to delete some stuff. Any idea about how to clear the cache other than a factory reset?

The best option is just to remove the apps you don’t find yourself using, and tvOS will remove any data they have stored.

The arial screensavers don’t seem to be large enough to cause any issues (I’ve always had them enabled on my personal Apple TVs without any issues).

I ended up doing a factory reset because I had 2.5GB left. And it has been simply AMAZING. The ATV rebuilt itself exactly as it was before, apart from few settings. The Home screen is identical as I left it, with all apps, same folders and icons position. The only idea to do the same with my Android TV drives me ballistic… Now with all loaded I have 25GB free… Maybe something went wrong with the many betas I installed? Still the screensavers take about 650MB each and I had plenty of them. Probably a dozen (or more? Not sure).

Regarding Infuse it rebuilt itself as well. I just had to login in Trakt and change the settings to have audio/subs/metadata in English. I only had to delete the metadata again to rebuild it in English. It even restored my custom covers for my groups!! The only difference is that it added the group “Film” which wasn’t there. Apart from that the currently watching list is identical (probably taking it from my iDevices?). And it also recognised the videos that was putting in “Other” (again, maybe because they have metadata from my iPhone, not sure). The metadata fetching is quite fast, actually. Not so for the movies covers (but that’s due to the stupid “40 API calls every 10 s” limit from TMDB I suppose…)

PS: no, after deleting the metadata it doesn’t find (in English) “The Frankenstein Chronicle”, and I am not sure what’s going on with “John Wick 2”. It has no metadata but when I go to change it, it gets recognized in the list. Oh well, It went much better than I expected!

Awesome! Glad you are back on track.

Things should only get better once Infuse 6 rolls out. :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward for it indeed! ?

I know Infuse 6 should (finally!!) fix it, but it did happen again. This time it has been different, though. Apparently tvOS purged nearly ALL caches. I had 2.5GB free and I ended up with 25GB free. I noticed it because Infuse, again, showed the Infuse logo in the Top Shelf (having lost all metadata), so I immediately checked with a free disk space app (otherwise one may use Xcode).

I have changed the settings of the Aerial screen saver to update once per week instead of daily (too bad that now I am stuck with far too many L.A. ugly views). The number of Aerial videos greatly reduced as well. Still it isn’t clear to me why, while waiting for v6, it can’t be implemented an option to tell tvOS to lock that data. It isn’t cache after all, it’s real (static) data.

I’m not sure why you say it isn’t the Aerial screensaver. It’s the only thing supposedly storing massive amounts of data, Unless Netflix caches its streams, because the latter is all I used recently (screensaver apart).