Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc

I had to delete and reinstall Infuse to get the new interface back online…

hmmm, just reconnected my folders and update is running, will probably take all night.
Had to use the Plex App tonight to watch some episodes and thet was not something I would like to do again.
But james & Co really need to look into this as it is a disaster and I am pretty sure it is not just a handful of users…probably 98% have been nuked.

Thank you for your answers.

For those that have been affected, it may be best to leave iCloud Sync disabled for a few days until Apple sorts out what is going on, or at least until they provide us with more info as to what is happening.

Yes, definitely unfortunate and frustrating for those experiencing this. I posted a reply earlier in this thread with more info, and we hope to get a response from Apple soon regarding what may have caused this. However, we are already starting to get reports of iCloud working normally for some affected users. This is a good sign, so there’s a reasonable chance things will be back to normal very soon.

FWIW, our estimate is fewer than 1% of active users have been affected, and there doesn’t to be any correlation of why some are affected and others are not.

Update 5/29: Our revised estimate based on the available data through today is that 5-10% of active users may have been affected.

Well, I have tonight checked with 6 friends I know running Infuse and all have had the same problem. So maybe the problem is only with my friends and those posting in this thread… otherwise it has to be more than 1% affected.

Potentially good news…

The performance stats we are seeing in the CloudKit dashboard appear to be returning to normal. :smiley:

This may indicate Apple has resolved whatever was going on. #fingerscrossed

Same here. Lost everything

Lost every thing twice… Now adding the shares the third time… hoping it’s really working now

checking the forum tonight, find out it’s not just me. Good and Bad.

Updated Infuse on ATV4k when latest update came out; used it all shares was there; tried using tonigh, screen flashed and All Shares Gone. Checked iPhone app, All Shares gone. icloud sync on for both. (All Share = gDrive share/Local Windows server shares)

it was odd that when i first ran it tonight, home screen showed past viewed/shares/etc, then FLASH…gone, i guess that happened when it synced with icloud

I was able to add back gDrive, but “add a drive” for Windows (server 2012r2) is not taking no matter the way i try. Infuse can see the server, but fails “add share” without password, before it worked without a password and would display the shares available from the server, share was create with “everyone” having full rights; when Infuse was working before tonight, it didn’t need any login info; also when trying using a username/password results in username/password wrong (they are right). The Windows share was working for months with Infuse(until today), the share still works with Windows Laptop with no issue…

Using latest InFuse beta (clean install)

Just an update for my situation. After rebuilding everything last night on the one ATV that had iCloud Sync on it again tonight at about 7 PM eastern lost everything and started back at zero. The other ATVs that had iCloud Sync off have remained stable without loss ever.

I’ve experimented enough for now. I’ll turn off iCloud Sync on the one I’ve rebuilt twice and wait till word comes down from the mount that all is right with the sync.

Sounds like someone at Apple needs to take a large mallet to the cloud for a tune up.

Like everyone above mine reset as well.
My problem is after the reset and after a reinstall it doesn’t find my Synology NAS on the Network?
Same setup in another room (icloud sync was off thank god) everything is fine and the NAS is working fine with it.

Any suggestions on how to have it locate the NAS again as I am at a loss?

Yup, that’s what happened to me again too tonight. Probably a good idea to do as James suggested and turn off iCloud Sync until things get ironed out.

Add me as well… I have 3 ATV4s, all are on tvos 11.3 and i have a network share. First time it was just my living room (main) one that lost the saved share and all the metadata. The other two were still ok… so I set everything up new for the living room ATV. Then it happens AGAIN but now its happened to 2 ATV4s… 1 still seems to be ok so I compared all my settings between them and they’re all the same. I also have iCloud sync turned on for all 3 ATVs.

There hasn’t even been one person who said they weren’t affected by this.
Less than 1%? I find that a ridiculous statement.

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Only one of my four were affected and if you don’t have a problem why would you go looking for a place to post that you weren’t affected?

Yesterday while using Infuse it asked for my Apple ID info for subscription, and then shortly after (while using the app) it crashed and when I re-opened it all my favourites were gone.

I’ve since disabled iCloud syncing and manually re-added all my share folders. I’ll keep it disabled until this issue seems resolved.

Just saying that I use iCloud Sync and am unaffected. I have also just finished implementing a GDPR solution for a large bank in Australia. I can guarantee you that a number of companies across the world have been slowly rolling out infrastructure changes over the last month and especially on 24 May so as to be compliant with the new EU data protection regulation. There are significant penalties for companies who do not take the privacy and protection of personal data seriously.
Whilst the EU GDPR laws only apply to people domiciled in an EU country, it is likely that tech (and other) companies have made blanket changes to the way they manage data. One possibility that may come into play is international data transfer laws. The effect of this part of the regulation is dependant on where the data subject currently lives and where the data controller (in this case Apple) is processing the data.
Hope Apple is able to sort this out soon for all those impacted! Thanks Firecore team for being so proactive on the support of this issue.

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This is so unbelievably broken.

I now have a home screen with no Up Next, no Library and just two Favourite icons (which I’ve added myself). There’s no way to restore my original settings, or even get it back to a newly installed state with Movies, TV, etc as library items. Show Library is on, and Scan for Changes does nothing - the Library settings page just shows 0 of everything.

At the very worst, some kind of “reset all settings” would be better than nothing, but I don’t see any way to do that.

I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but it enables iCloud sync by default when it’s reinstalled, and just downloads the old broken settings again.

At the moment the only way to get to my media is to manually hunt through my favourites. Infuse has basically turned itself into a fancy file browser.

It shouldn’t have to be this difficult.

I’ve lost everything, as if I’ve downloaded Infuse for the first time … no shares, no nothing.

Lost again everything this morning. I wasn’t fast enough to switch iCloud off.