Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc

Hello everyone -

We’re aware of this issue which has affected some users starting on 5/24.

After looking into this, it appears to be caused by an iCloud glitch that has resulted in data being removed, or at least made temporarily unavailable.

For a bit a background, with iCloud sync enabled, Infuse will save share details and other settings to iCloud. This allows you to add a share/favorite on one device, and have it appear on your other devices. In addition to syncing shares/favorites you save, it will also sync shares/favorites you remove. What appears to have happened in this case (for a small percentage of users), is the data saved in Cloud simply disappeared so the next time Infuse went to sync, it noticed the shares were removed and accordingly removed them from the device.

It’s not clear what caused iCloud to lose this data, but due to the timing it’s possible it may be related to hosting infrastructure changes or migrations made by Apple to comply with the new GPDR rules which go into effect today. It’s also unclear if this data loss is permanent, or only temporary, and we are waiting to hear back from Apple to see if they are able to provide any insight as to what may have happened. To clarify, we do not have the ability to see your iCloud data, or make any changes to it.

FWIW, in the nearly 2 years since we originally started implementing iCloud sync, iCloud has been extremely reliable with tens of millions of records synced without issue. This is the first and only time we have seen anything remotely like this, and while we’d like to believe it will never happen again we will be working to implement some special handling in case a similar scenario happens again in the future.

Moving forward, you can set up you shares in Infuse again, and if you prefer not to use Infuse’s syncing features, it is possible to disable iCloud Sync in Settings > General. This would allow you to use Infuse normally, but without the additional syncing features described in the guide found here iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore Should you choose to enable iCloud Sync in the future, your existing settings in Infuse will then be saved to iCloud and be available for other devices.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and are working to do everything we can to track down more details on what happened as well implement safeguards to avoid future issues.