Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc

I just finished watching a TV show episode and went back to the home screen. All Favorites, Up-Next, in-progress markers, etc. were suddenly lost. Why?

This is on ATV 4 connected to Synology NAS via NFS. No previous problems.

This is a real headache, since I’ve now lost my place in many TV series and other programs.

Is there a way to get any of this back? I have iCloud Sync turned on, but I don’t see what good that does.

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What happened and why?

What to do if you are affected
The recommended steps to get back up and running are below.

  1. Remove Infuse
  2. Clear iCloud data as described here iCloud Sync – Firecore Support
  3. Re-download Infuse from the App Store and set up shares from scratch

More info on re-adding shares can be found here Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore Support, and adding favorites and lists can be found here. Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore Support

Alternatively, you can simply disable the iCloud Sync option found in Infuse > Settings and re-add your shares, favorites, and lists manually.

Update (5/25)
Things appear to be getting back to normal

Update (5/26)
We received confirmation from Apple that they are investigating what happened here. More updates to come.

Update (5/29)
We are working towards a 2-part plan to help prevent issues like this from occurring in the future. The first part is a short term solution that will simply display a popup prompt if Infuse notices a lot of data from iCloud has been removed. This will provide an opportunity to sync these changes, or disable iCloud sync to ensure the data on your device is unaffected. Phase 2 is a little more involved, and will allow Infuse to effectively sign all changes made in iCloud. Once this is implemented, only changes that have been signed by Infuse will be synced to other devices, and any change (including removed and/or missing data) that is not signed would simply be ignored.

Also, we received confirmation from Apple today that the issue has been escalated to their engineering team.

Thank you very much for responding to my previous email and providing additional information.

I know how concerning it is to have users reporting that their iCloud data has either been removed, corrupted or made temporary unavailable. 

Thank you for informing us of this issue. 

I have forwarded this to our engineering team to investigate further.

We'll follow up with you when we have an update or more information to provide. Thanks for your patience and understanding while our expert engineers investigate this issue.

Update (5/31)
We’re getting some reports that the original data is starting to appear back on some affected devices which seems to indicate the issue was only temporary. We’re continuing to monitor the situation, and plan to have the first round of safeguards available in Infuse 5.7.3 which we hope to submit to Apple next week.

Update (6/4)
We received confirmation from Apple today that the issue has been resolved. :smiley:

This is Nia, Senior Advisor with Apple Developer Program Support. I am following up with you to advise you that the Cloud Kit issue has been resolved by my internal teams.

It appears to have been an inttermittant issue. Please respond directly to this email if the issue re-occurs or is still happening to your users. 

Thanks so much for your patience during this process.

Update (6/6)
Infuse 5.7.3 has been released, and includes a new popup confirmation that will appear if Infuse notices your iCloud data is deleted or missing. This dialog will provide you with the option of syncing these deletions to your device, or keeping the data on your device. Should you choose to keep the data on your device, that data will then be saved back to iCloud.

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Firecore, this just happened to me too. Network shares lost. Restarted infuse, and it acted like this was the very time it had ever been run, except all of my settings were intact. Please help.

Same here,

They must of done something.
Also I noticed their are no options for cloud share no longer.

ie can not add my dropbox folder back.

However, things seem to be working fine on my iPhone but not my AppleTv4

This happened to me this evening. Lost all my metadata and shares. It opened up as if it is the first time I ever used the program. This sucks!

Same with me, everything gone on 2 x AppleTV & iPad. Basically it now looks like it has been freshly installed. This is actually a big issue, help!

Same here!

Just ran into the same issue :frowning:

Yup - happened to me too. Lost my connection to my shares (even though the network didn’t drop etc) - for some reason the connection the plex stayed this whole time. Even after I added back in the shares - still don’t have any of the other stuff on my home screen.


Add me to the list. ATV 4K

Don’t forget to send in the diagnostics from the Infuse app right after it happens.

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Now I’m curious as to if there was a glitch with icloud that told everyone they didn’t have any share and if that happened then the metadata would disappear since there were no shares with files to have any metadata.

Just happened to me too. I posted a bug report and diagnostics in beta.

Me too: QCWH4

I wanted to add a question here for those that have lost shares. On the devices that lost shares, was iCloud Sync on or off?

My ATV 4K that lost the shares had the iCloud Sync on. I have other ATVs that have it turned off and so far haven’t lost shares.

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It was on for me

lost months of metadata as well, icloud sync was on.

iCloud Sync was on, but I have no other devices where it is on. I thought everything was backed up to iCloud, but I guess not. Seems to me now that this function is only to sync with other devices.

I just turned iCloud Sync OFF. Someone in another thread said he never had a problem like this until he turned it on.

Not sure I understand this. What metadata are you talking about? Once you redo a share it will start grabbing new metadata. Unless you are referring to manually adjusting the metadata. In that case, you can adjust the filenames so that they get picked up correctly in the first place. Yes takes more work, but safer in case something else happens.

I think this is just a random server issue happening. Maybe iCloud, maybe infuse, or both? Have had iCloud Sync on with no problems for years.

My iCloud sync was on (2x 4K TV & iPad Pro) all gone. Hopefully it is recoverable, if not my priority would be to concentrate efforts on having a local backup feature. I am still optomistic though this can be resolved!

P.S - what is the best plan of attack at the moment to try and preserve the previous data. I am not very technical at all but am wondering if the app remains open, it may overwrite everything stored in iCloud for Infuse?? Should we turn off iCloud sync or just quit the application and leave it alone until Infuse reply?

Living in Australia and having ADSL speeds to search through 80+ TB of Media only to have it vanish after all the time it took to complete.