Lost all data with iCloud Sync

When starting Infuse Pro (latest) on my Apple TV 4K it said there was a large amount of data on iCloud that needed to sync.

I did this and everything has gone and Infuse is asking me to set it all up again.

I opened Infuse on my phone and it asked if I wanted to sync so I said no and it has carried working fine with no loss of data.

Is there a way I can get the old data from my phone onto my Apple TV 4K

When this message appears, Infuse has detected a large percentage of data in iCloud has changed or been removed. This could be because it was removed on another device, or there is a temporary issue with iCloud. For this reason, it gives you the option of syncing these changes back to your device, or keeping the local data on your device. If you choose to keep the local data, Infuse will work to sync that data back to iCloud to ensure it’s available for other devices.

If you mistakenly synced the changes on the Apple TV and want to get the info back, you should be able to simply remove and reinstall the app on your Apple TV.

Thanks for that James, fingers crossed to will work ok

James, that worked fine thanks very much.

I had done some shuffling around of icons on the home screen and that hasn’t come back.

Will I have to redo this or will it happen when all the data is synced.

If you had some Apple TV specific things like custom artwork for your favorites, those may need to be set up again manually.

Thanks James, that’s a small job compared to redoing everything else

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