Lost Access to Time Machine Drive

I just successfully installed the aTV software onto my Apple TV and that seems to be working fine. The only problem is that I have an iDisk device now in my finder that I can’t get rid of…it seems to be associated with MobileMe (which I do not use). I cannot get rid of this iDisk device and I can’t get my G-Raid2 drive to mount now, which is my Time Machine drive. I had no issues prior to the aTV process…any ideas/suggestions? I really feel vulnerable without my TimeMachine backups, plus I shudder to think that I may have somehow bricked a $600 hard drive!!! Please Help!


Just thought I would add that my Time Machine drive does not even show up in DiskUtility. My iMac acts as if it is not even connected…I have tried disconnecting/reconnecting, rebooting, power cycling the drive, etc. all with no luck. Anyone have suggestions?

You can remove the iDisk by deselecting it from the Finder Preferences (Finder menu > Preferences).

The aTV Flash software won’t affect any system disks, Time Machine or otherwise. Is it possible you selected this drive to install the aTV Flash software to at some point? This would explain what you are experiencing.

Thanks for your reply. I found how to remove the iDisk last night as I kept digging around. I never selected the TimeMachine drive to install the aTV flash software…BUT it did grab a backup of the aTV *.dmg file after I unzipped the download. Would this have caused it? It just seems too coincidental that 2 things changed on my system (appearance of iDisk and loss of TimeMachine drive) within the same 30 minute period that I went thru the aTV installation process. I have read on other forums that sometimes the firewire connection on external disks will stop working but that the USB will continue to work properly. I will change the drive over to USB tonight. In the event that does not work, is there a possibility that a backup of the *.dmg would hose the disk up? Could another possibility be that TimeMachine attempted a backup while aTV was mounted and that hosed things up?

No, just having a copy of the aTV Flash.dmg wouldn’t cause any problems. The only way the aTV Flash would have affected the drive would be to install the aTV Flash software onto it. This would format the drive, and you would lose everything on it.

Try connecting via USB or Firewire directly to your computer.

The drive is connected directly to the computer. I do not run it thru AirPort. It is currently connected directly to the iMac via FireWire800. The drive did pop up momentarily last night in DiskUtility…long enough for me to see that the data was there and to run a RepairDisk. After the RepairDisk completed (with status of disk having no errors) the drive disappeared again and hasn’t come back up since. So anyways, the disk is connected directly to the machine and was definitely not formatted. Any other suggestions/ideas? It could be that the FireWire connection on my iMac or the drive went bad and that it is just a coincidence on the timing, but the odds of that are very low. Let me give the USB connection a try tonight and I will report back. Hopefully that works and I will have TimeMachine back, just with a slightly slower connection.

Well, I tried connecting via USB and the drive showed up in my finder and disk utility. It would not let me do a verify or repair disk though because it said the drive could not be unmounted. It still shows 233 GB used though, which would correspond to my Time Machine backups. I guess I will have to connect the drive to a Windows machine and reformat it and then connect back to my iMac and format for Mac and start over with Time Machine backups. Thanks for your suggestions though and I am really enjoying the aTV software!