Lost access to 'beta' forums

I had to renew my access to the beta program recently, which I’ve done successfully - I had a confirmation email, and am registered again in TestFlight. However, I’ve lost access to the beta section of this site.

When you filled out the form that should have put you back on the beta list. But I think there was another email you had to click to join it. Dis you check your spam folder? Or maybe try clicking the link again.

Yeah actually I got a notification yesterday that I had been “removed from TestFlight by the developer” …or something similar.

Any thoughts @james

I’m trying to sign up to TestFlight again and it’s asking me to upload a receipt for my purchase and again I find the instructions from Apple as clear as mud.

Is it simply a screenshot of my order details that I am meant to supply?

Yeah that instruction doesn’t really help much with subscription based receipts. More for a regular purchase. If you don’t have the subscription email handy then try submitting a screenshot from your Apple account showing your active subscriptions.

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Yeah will do. I am pretty curious though why I suddenly got removed.

Every year they do a re-enlist, and I re-enlist as well, but…

I don’t see the Beta section either.

I wonder if we’re in the upside down…

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Well whatever it was I now seem to be back on track. I submitted my invoice and promptly got my invitation back to the beta forums.

So roll on my TestFlight invite on Friday (fingers crossed) :rofl:

Not really sure what happened but hopefully things will get back to normal.

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Maybe the forum has become sentient.

Beta lists are reset once per year to ensure only active testers are taking up spots in TestFlight.

An email went out with more details, but we’ve heard from some this went to spam.

To signup again you can simply fill out the form below, and submit some sort of receipt (email, App Store screenshot, etc…).

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I noticed I got kicked from Infuse TestFlight some 10 minutes after I eradicated the final traces of Plex from my life.

So I prefer to blame Plex “gods” :rofl:


I think I know what happened, and it is stupidity on my part, and I guess others as well. After signing up I got an email with a big button in it that said “JOIN THE BETA GROUP”. I forgot to click that, simply thought: Thanks, and deleted it.

Now I clicked it and presto I sees the Beta Forum.


There should have been a second email with a link to re join the beta forum. Please check your spam filter

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hello i’ve just been removed from beta program,probably because i haven’t commented on the last releases…

is there a way to get back ? or perhaps was it for another reason ?

Moved your post to the thread with all the answers. :wink:


Yea @james said similar but weirdly enough it went into spam. So check your spam folder everyone. I use gmail so if you use gmail.

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