Loss Of Dolby Digital since ATV software update

This does not directly really have anything to do with the Infuse App it self but I could have sworn that some of the YouTube channels I watch were coming in with surround sound and ever since I did the up date on my ATV thats not working any longer. Anyone out there who has not done the update yet able to test that. If thats the case it could also affect the Infuse App.


If you go into the settings of your AppleTV (not Infuse), you can switch to 16-bit audio and than switch back to “automatic” (or visa versa if you like 16-bit). Changing this settings (after quiting Infuse) should normally reset the audio system and YouTube (and everything else) should play fine.

This is indeed strange behavior and I’ve had it with my ATV2 also, so I’ve kind of grown used to it. But it could be called a bug to be honest.

Thanks for the suggestion but that did not work for me. Very strange