Loss of Audio Sync playing a ripped Video TS file in Media Player

I have just installed Media player and like its easier handling of DVD’s ripped to a Video TS than XBMC.  However, the audio track drifts out of sync with the video.  Has anybody else seen this.  The DVD was ripped using Mactheripper from a DVD-R recored on a Sony DVD recorder.


We’ve seen the same issue here with some DVDs, and the fix will be included in the next update.


Thanks for the feedback.  I look forward to the update.

I’m currently running Beta 7 with media player 0.9.2 and I’m having the same problem. Some movies seem fine and then others go way out of sync. We just watched the movie “Paul” (about the alien) and it went out of sync probably a half dozen times. On one of the occurences, it went out of sync over a period of only a few seconds and quickly got to a point where it felt like we were watching one movie and listening to another. Going back to the DVD menu and then resuming the movie seems to get things back in sync again.

Additionally, this has also happened on some .avi files as well.

Just had the syc issue with vob files

playing the movies “Tin Man”  and “step brothers”

Medial Player 0.9.1  nand still on the old ios4,


Hi James, this will be great to get resolved. When is the fix due and out of interest, how does the picture and sound become out of sync in the first place?

I’m having this on VIDEO_TS folders straight from original Babylon 5 DVDs. My receiver can do 120ms audio delay, but this is not quite enough - another .2-.4s would be needed.


Audio over HDMI, downmixed (as AC3 doesn’t work). I’ll report back once I tested optical.

Are you running the latest 1.1.1 version?

If so, could you send in a bug report so we can look into what’s going on.