Loss of all network.

I upgraded my ATV2 as I was on 5.0.2. Unfortunately I have lost all network; WI-FI and Ethernet. I’ve restored all the way back to 4.4.4 and even the official 6.0.2. I’ve tried different versions of seas0npass to no avail. What ever version I try to update to i do get the “unknown error (50)” but the restore is always "successful.’

I know my wireless network is fine and I have tested Ethernet connection on my Mac. I’ve also tested tethered boot ups with the power cord, with and without the network calbe.

I now have what i consider to be a brick. I can’t do anything with it unless anyone has an idea. If I can’t get this working I’ll have to get a refund on my upgrade I paid for today. That will be a shame.