Losing movies from Time Capsule

I am using the latest Infuse (5.4.3) in an AppleTV 4 (latest tvOS) to play videos on my Time Capsule (3rd generation).

My movies are inside the Time Capsule disk and I use the usual SMB settings to add them in my Infuse library.

Sometimes the movie stops playing. In other times I loose all my library/favourites and Infuse reports:
“Empty Folder
Move along, nothing to see here”

Here is what I did:

  • Change to a 5Ghz network
  • Change to Ethernet connection

I guess this is the same problem that other people are facing.

Any suggestion? The software is great but at this point is so unstable there is no way to watch a movie until it ends.

Sorry about that. We’re looking into a few cases of this, and if you have a moment to send in a report from your Apple TV it may help us track down what is going on.

Thanks, I opened the support ticket #94935

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