Losing Metadata

Today I accessed Infuse via my AppleTV and quickly noticed that all metadata related to my movie files was gone. I also checked via the iOS app and I’m seeing missing metadata there as well.

On both my iPhone and AppleTV the iCloud feature is enabled. It was my understanding that this should keep metadata stored and synced across devices. If this is the case why am I losing metadata? Anything I can do to get it back?

You may want to check and see if the drive that your movies are on is still accessible. I’ve had that happen when my disk that contains my movies was unmounted by the computer it was attached to for some unknown reason.

As soon as I remounted the drive Infuse found them all again.

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Thanks for the reply. My files sit on a NAS drive and it’s still accessible. I can play the files without issue, I’ve just lost all cover art that was previously there by associating the files to the appropriate movies.

Does it appear that Infuse is rebuilding the metadata for them?

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Not that I can tell. I’ve left the application open to my movies directory for 5-10 minutes and no change to the artwork.

If you go into settings > library does it show that it’s fetching metadata or is it complete? If complete, what happens if you click refresh?

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From my iPhone I don’t see any fetching. However if I look at my living room AppleTV it is trying to fetch the Up Next List. This has been circling for about 10 minutes without stopping.

One thing I just noticed, my living room AppleTV was connected to a friend’s Plex server. Due to the amount of content I had about 3 GB worth of cached material on the living room AppleTV. Is it possible that having so much cached data caused an issue with my account?

For reference my basement AppleTV was not connected to his Plex server and only had a few MB of cached content.

You may want to let it run until it finishes the scan. Infuse has to stay active and not streaming. Then see if your movie info is back.

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Thanks for your help NC but it looks like my metadata is gone. I’ve tried everything suggested and can’t get my metadata back.

Before I proceed to associate my files to the correct movies, I do have a few questions:

  1. Previously I had my Infuse settings on “Metadata Fetching” = On and “Embedded Metadata” = Off. If I flip these values and rely on local file metadata, can I still use the Infuse “Edit Metadata” option to initially populate the data using the search functionality?

  2. If yes to the above, will the metadata be embedded in the file on my NAS or is it stored as a type of reference within Infuse?

  3. If I decide to rely on embedded metadata then I assume all devices using Infuse and reference the same files should pull the same values correct?

I just want to make sure I have all this straight before going back through 100s of files to re-associate to the proper movie.