Losing Metadata Everyday


I have noticed that for the last couple of months the app is loosing all metadata in a daily basis. I don´t have any clue why is this happening lately because I have been using the app for almost two years whit no problem at all. I have downloaded the latest version of firecore on an Apple TV 4th gen. I´m logged in correctly with my Track.tv account and the library is connected to a WD-Mycloud NAS. When I go to the Library folder it seems it has never been syncronized.

I need help!

Thank you

Are you using DLNA to connect to your NAS?

You say you are losing the metadata daily but the library doesn’t update, does the library ever show a “last updated on” message?

In the settings, what is the size of your metadata?

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Yes I have The WdMycloud connected by DLNA. The libray always say last updated: “Never”.
The size of megadata is 2MB.

Thank you

The Library doesn’t function with DLNA, you need to switch over to SMB or one of the other protocols.

I too run a WD MyCloud and it’s working flawlessly on SMB.