losing connection

I only got my apple tv 2 last week and commenced jailbreaking & adding aTV Flash all went like a dream until we actually tried to watch some films, It last about 5 mins before losing connection everytime, i am at the end of my patience. I am really puzzled to why it keeps losing connection as my computers & phones never do.

I tried connecting via ethernet which was fine for films in itunes but i could not access anything on my hard drive outside of itunes so makes having aTV Flash useless plus don't really want a 10m ethernet cable running down the side of my living room.(router is at the opposite end of the room to the tv) 

If i had not now spent money on a good quality HDMI cable,USB to Micro USB cable,aTV Flash my ATV2 would be going back to the shop monday i am really dissapointed with Apple on this product !!!!. Could it be the jaibreak ( greenpoison) or aTVflash that is causing the issues should remove them.


Can anyone help before i throw it out the window !

I seem to have solved my problems by moving my router right next to my atv 2 and connecting my computer wirelessly to the network ( as now opposite end of the room from the router)instead of via ethernet, makes the 10m ethernet cable i just bought pointless but i really don't care as fingers crossed i am 30 mins into a film with no connection drop !!