Lord of the rings sound saturate on french DTS-HD MA 6.1 3h16min22seconds


Sound is saturated at this time (3h16min22seconds) and on other time on the bluray 4k.

Not appearing with vlc, it seems to be a problem with Infuse.

There were no issue some weeks ago.

Nearly sure that’s an issue with an update of Infuse.

Can you have a look ?

Apple TV
Infuse 6.6.1


Any news ?

Since it’s the weekend it may be a day or two before anyone who can help responds.

Also, since there are three different Lord Of The Rings movies you may get better responses if you specify which one.

Lastly, something that may be getting lost in translation is your term “saturate” that can mean many different things and not all are bad. Is the audio distorting, cutting out, clipping, etc.?

Is this happening for the entire film or just around this timestamp?

Any chance you’d be able to clip out a segment of the video and send it it? Perhaps a minute or two before and after when the issue appears.

More info on clipping out segments and submitting samples can be found here.

aucun probleme avec la version remux