Loosing wifi connection?

Anyone having the problem were the ATV will loose the wifi connection? I can go to Nito to reboot and it will connect. Seems to happen over a period when its not in use. Thanks!

yes.  I have seen that happen also.  It might be the SLEEP MODE kicking in too early on the ATV-G2.  Am using the latest software from apple.  have had to unplug and re-plug to reboot the ATV-G2 a few times, but not often.


yap to me too..its anoying but untill the atv comes out with the new version for 4.2 then it stays like that..lol

be glad you have wifi.  it took me a week to get it working. in the mean time I had to turn an old linksys wrt54g into a bridge with dd-wrt