Looping - cannot find menu on ATV4K

Running Infuse 6.3.1 (2950) on an AppleTV running latest tvOS and for the life of me I can’t find the looping fuction.

Yes, I’ve read this article: Playlists – Firecore

If I go to Library - Playlists - LONG PRESS on playlist name I get [add to favourites, add to lists, rename playlist, delete playlist, cancel]
If I SHORT PRESS on playlist name I go to the list of files in the playlist
Then all I can do is scroll around and highlight various files in the list
If I click on one I get Play/Mark as Watched /Move/Playlists/Edit
If I then LONG PRESS on PLAY nothing happens, if I short press then it plays as usual

Do I need the Pro version of the app to loop?


On Apple TV, you can access the Loop/Shuffle features by highlighting a playlist name, and long-pressing the PLAY/PAUSE button.

Ok, so I found it, but it’s not a long press… long press does nothing, but if I short press on the Play/Pause button on the remote then I get the Play/Loop/Shuffle/Cancel menu.

I think in a future iteration you should expose this functionality in a more obvious way. On VLC, for example, you can access it while playing the video just by swiping down.

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