Looking for tips to respiring/reboot ATV2 on tethered JB

Hi everyone,

Hope I can get some minds together to figure out a solution to this issue. As we all know and have provably experienced, XBMC sometimes crashes. Previously I’d just reboot the ATV using my remote but now that I’m running a tethered JB, that’s not a viable option.

I already know about the SSH command “killall AppleTV” to restart my ATV without needing to connect and boot tethered, so that does the job. I’ve even automated a batch file to log in to the ATV, run the command and exit (using the awesome Plink).

However the problem with that is by running the command within XBMC, it defaults many of the settings, specifically the screen saver and sleep times. Other more important options are fine, but these reset. Every time. Without fail.

I know it’s not a huge issue. I know this doesn’t happen that often, but I’d there is another solution to soft-reset the ATV without requiring it to be tethered again, and that won’t reset any settings, I’d love to know :slight_smile:



Nitotv has the ability to restart front row without losing the JB, it’s under the settings option, very quick and easy

Not if you’re locked and frozen in XBMC. that’s the problem, in those situations the only option is to either do a hard reset or run the killall command. The hard reset requires you to re tether, and the killall exits xbmc in an unclean way that keeps it from setting the screen saver and sleep back to their previous states.

If there was an SSH command to set the sleep and screen saver, I could add that into a batch file.