Looking for 'other' item

Sorry for the cryptic title.

I’ve been using Infuse Pro for many years and it’s utterly superb. However, in my library, I have one item that is classified as ‘other’.

Is there any way to track it down?

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 17.17.51

Any help appreciated.

Is this iOS, tvOS or Mac?
Normally I think I remember that anything classed at “other” will usually appear on the very bottom of the Home Screen?

From there it will let you edit metadata (thus revealing the offending file).

It’s usually something that’s badly named or something that tmdb doesn’t recognise at all.

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Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom, click on “Other”, select the one item, scroll to the bottom and the file name will be near the bottom.

As Hitsville said, it’s a file that TMDB didn’t match, usually due to a naming problem. :wink:

Edit to add, this is based on guessing this is on an iOS device like a phone.


I’ve found how to get to it but there is nothing there.

Where? Are you saying that when you go to “Other” as I showed above there are no items?

Click on scan for changes at the bottom of the Library page and see if it’s still there after you do that.

Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks for your help btw.

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Any time! It’s fun figuring out the riddles of Infuse. :wink:

Ran the scan. No luck.

I don’t use the iOS version except for things like this trying to figure out things.

If you go to the mag glass and under other then click the “Synced” instead of all does it by chance then show a file?

No, it doesn’t show it.

Do you by any chance have another device like an ATV or Mac with infuse connected to the same server?

Yes, I have a mac connected also running Infuse.

Is it showing the same thing?


It may be time for an exorcism.

I’ll do some more digging but this is the first time I’ve seen “other” show a file but not in the actual library other section.

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The only other thought I’ve had is to remove the sources one by one, I’d at least then have an indication as to where to look.

It may come to that but I’d still like to know why it’s not showing in the other section. Maybe @james will be able to enlighten us before you have to go that route. Or maybe he’ll be able to recommend where to start on that.

Is this a brand new problem or has it been lurking a while? If new, did it by any chance coincide with the addition of a file source?

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I’ve no idea how long it has been there. I imagine it has been there a while.