Longer watching list on home screen

I watch a lot of different TV series on my AppleTV and I like to watch a few episodes, then go to another series and be back later, And so I like the “watching” feature of the home screen, as I can see the last unseen episode of the series I have started to watch.
Sadly, the strip of “watching” feature displays only 15 panels, which is OK for films, but by far not enough for TV series.
Would it be possible to increase that number of panels, or even make a new “watching” strip for TV series only ?
Thank you


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That would make it a lot easier if the number of TV shows could be increased and separate from the Movies. I too like to mini binge on several shows at once and this would help.

Also there’s another suggestion for being able to create playlists that would incorporate your suggestions as well as others.
You can see that suggestion here

Using infuse in the ATV 4k 3rd gen, im watching a lot of shows and was wondering if its possible to extend the watching list? I dont care about recently added stuff and was hoping there was an option to remove that and just have more shows in my watching list. Thanks.

Emby has almost all of them showing in their continue watching.

I moved your post to an already running suggestion for this feature.

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3 years, 3 likes, damn haha. Hopefully its implemented before 2030 ahaha

Yup, just like TV series, I’ve lost count of how many times I see a new TV show and REALLY REALLY like it only to find out it’s been cancled. :person_shrugging:

Guess that’s why we get choices. LOL