Long time loading when trying to skip forward/backward

When playing from Nas and try to skip forward/back with button on apple tv remote, it takes a long time for it to actually skip and resume playing, also if I press the skip button 3 or 4 times at one go, it would only skip 10/20s instead of 40 second. Is there anyway to make it snappier?

This should be faster. Are you on WiFi or Ethernet?

I am on 1gbs Ethernet

What are you getting for a speed test in Infuse?

Also show a screen cap of the speed test graph if possible.

If i’m not mistaken, he’s talking about the skip backward/forward button is not responsive enough like iphone native player or ios youtube that will “accumulate skipped second”.
i.e. if you press backward/forward button in ios youtube in rapid fire for 10 times, it will skip 100s rather “skip 10s 10 times”.
While in Infuse, the backward/forward button behaviour seems to be always “skip 10s and load that portion of video and skip next 10s & load next portion of video”, resulting in unresponsive skipping.

But to be fair, this skipping unresponsiveness is most noticeable in ios & Mac, not so much on Apple TV (for me).