Long time Kodi / Plex / Emby user - Newbie with Apple TV + Infuse - Simply amazing !

Hi all

Brand new owner of both Apple TV and Infuse since yesterday.
After years of fiddling and hair-pulling on various media server configs on PC/Unix (KOdi, plex media server, Emby media server, Rasplex, Librelec, Openelec etc etc), I was still looking for a user and family friendly solution that would not imply hours of tweaking for issues with subtitles, transcoding etc,

Here it is. Apple TV 4 + Infuse 5 is the magical solution. 100% approved by the family upon initial installation, even the most reluctant ones can use this great remote + Infuse interface.

Congratulations to the Firecore team, well worth the 13.99€ it costs as a standalone app, Infuse + Apple TV 4 is the perfect combination.

Played my MKV (created from Blu rays with MakeMKV, MPEG 2 video stream + 2 audio streams + soft subs) without a hitch, never buffering except for a few seconds at the beginning. Not a single solution was able to handle this smoothly until now : plex was transcoding and buffering like crazy, Kodi was crashing every other day, emby was transcoding too, the plex version of the ps4 was crashing directly if any subtitles were selected, a real nightmare.
All very promising solutions, but none of them was 100% complete and usable.

Apple TV + Infuse 5 seems to be the one :slight_smile:

I will now deep dive into it to find a few glitches (there has to be some ;-).

Great product.

Happy customer (I am more used to bitching on bugs in forums, feels good to be more positive for once !)

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Thanks for the kind words! It’s great to hear things are working smoothly so far.

Feel free to get in touch should you run into any issues or have any questions. :slight_smile:

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Well, I have to open another post as I have issues with H264…See you there James :slight_smile: