Long time kodi and plex user, one question, apple tv 4k, infuse and dolby atmos/vision


So i read that apple doesnt support dolby atmos type that is used with physical media.

I have a dolby enabled atmos soundbar, and when i use that with plex and apple tv 4k, it says direct play, but when i check the logs i see that its encoding it to FLAC 7.1, and not 7.1.2. But the atmos experience with a soundbar is pretty limited anyway.

my question is, with infuse, and a plex library, does it fiddle with the vidoe stream at all when it needs to reencode audio, or does it stay intact?

i have nvidia shield pro also, but theres issues there also with playback.

You can only get Atmos as part of lossy Dolby digital plus while the shield can do lossless TrueHD+Atmos. This is a limitation of the Apple TV.

Infuse is direct play for the video and only does modifications for upscaling/deinterlacing/HDR to SDR conversion. But audio has no affect on the video.