Long "Loading"-Times, normal streaming

Dear Support-Team &members,

I have an Issue with my ATV2 with atvblack, newest version installed: I got very long loading times when I want to access my shared drive on my time capsule. The funny thing is that there's no problem with the streaming itself, I am able to play and even browse  in a 10GB mkv-file without any buffering. It's just the folder-browsing, but that is very annoying when scrolling through 4-5 subfolders, takes a minute only for getting to the file I want to play. 
I am connected via an Ethernet-cable, share configured as an AFP to No Problems connecting. 
Any suggestions? 
Thank you very much, 

ATV2 itself is on 5.0.2 (4250)
thanks again for any help!

Same problem here. No matter from what (iMac, MacMini, NAS) I am trying to stream.

Same here, goes as high as 10-15 seconds to load a directory.


Oddly, this only came about after updation to 5.0 and above. I have an atv on the old UI and the new UI. The old Ui loads like lightning. Weird.