Long buffering time

Hi, not sure if anyone experiences the same - when I try to airplay some relatively large video file (over 5gb), the buffering time is like forever. But I could airplay the video for size around 4gb and less.

I could airplay the same large video before but couldn’t now.

I am quite sure it is the problem on infuse, as I could actually play the same video on Files app and just screen mirroring the same to my tv without any buffering or lagging issue now.

I have tried to select legacy in the cache setting, and deselect the 5.1 audio via airplay, but problem releases the same.

My IOS is 14.6 and infuse is 7.0.5

Appreciate some advice on it. Many thanks!

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What device are you air playing to and how is it connected?

I am using iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 14.6.
Both the iPhone and tv are connected to the home wifi. I checked the wifi and no issue. The speed is over 300mb

I could actually stream the video if it is smaller than 5Gb.

The long buffering seems only happening after the recent upgrade of infuse?

I have tried to use legacy cache and also turn off the airplay audio but can’t help.



You didn’t answer my question exactly…but I gathered it is your TV :slightly_smiling_face:

Please try a speed test in infuse under shares and see.

You can also try downloading the video to your iPhone and then try airplaying it.

Sorry I hv missed the question. Yes it is to stream on the tv

How to do the speed test?

Literally I have the video on my iPhone already. And I open the file via infuse and to mirror it on tv but then buffering. When I open the same video but just via ‘Files’ app on my iPhone, and then to mirror the same on the tv, everything works normal. Hence I don’t think it is the problem on devices.


Settings-Add Files-Saved Shares-Speed Test

I believe this means it is downloaded, right?

Very sorry but I couldn’t see Saved Shares under add files?

And yes, the videos have been downloaded on my iPhone.

Where are your videos saved? Just files app and you open infuse? Or something else?

Yes they are saved in ‘On My Iphone’ and I could see those files in Files app

I could add the file via Infuse - Add Files - Via Files

I understand what you mean by the speed test. I am not streaming from any Apple TV or computer, but just to stream from my iPhone direct. I have downloaded videos in my iPhone and have been saved in my phone. I have also transferred some videos to iXpand flash drive.

In past weeks, I could watch the videos that I saved on the iPhone as well as the iXpand flash drive, directly via infuse. I could also do the screen mirroring to my tv without any buffering or lagging. But then I couldn’t do it now for the video over 5Gb.

What TV do you have? 5GB isn’t that big of a file. Maybe the tv updated and airplay isn’t working great anymore? Or wireless connection to tv is bad?

It is Sony Bravia Google TV.
I am quite sure it is not related to the tv or airplay or the wifi connection. As I can actually airplay via screen mirroring, if I play the videos that I have saved in the iPhone, via Files app.

For the videos that being saved in the IXpand flash drive, again I can play the video via the IXpand Drive app, and then airplay via screen mirroring.

Only when I play the videos via Infuse, and then try to airplay, then the buffering happens…

Just to clarify a bit. You can download a video to your iPhone and that video will airplay to your tv without problems.

If you try to play a video located on your server to your iPhone and then airplay that from your iPhone to your tv it buffers occasionally.

That correct?

The first paragraph is correct

For second part - I am not sure what you mean by server.

Again to clarify, there is no issue on the tv, or wifi connection speed, or airplay function. I can airplay, or use the screen mirroring, via Files app normally. Only when I try to play the videos which are bigger than 5Gb via Infuse and airplay / screen mirror to my tv, then buffering happens.

If you play a video with Infuse on your iPhone without downloading it to the iPhone that video has to reside on a server of some sort. So if you do this and try to airplay it buffers?

Ok. Let’s put in this way - even for the videos that are downloaded to my iPhone, I have the buffering issue when I open that video using infuse and then airplay it.

I’m just trying to figure out if you may be trying to play the copy of the video from the server instead of the one you downloaded. You can play that video from both places once it’s downloaded. If you’re not aware of which copy you’re trying to play and you’re actually trying to play the one on the server instead of the one you downloaded it very well may still buffer. Just wanting to double check to make sure you’re playing the one you have downloaded to the phone.

Ok, I can confirm I am trying to play the video that being saved on my iPhone but not on server. And the buffering always happens if the file size of that video is big (larger than 5gb)

Appreciate your advice thanks

I am having a lot of difficulty to Airplay it too. One thing that improved my buffering time is changing “Streaming cache” to “Legacy” instead of “Auto”. But I still have issues like when I am in the middle of the movie and Airplay it, it comes back to the begining. Sometimes, when the screen turns off, the streaming turns off, sometimes it doesn’t.

Just for data, I am using an iPhone XR with latest updates and a Samsung TV with latest updates.