Logos do not show up in library

Again, Infuse is hooked into Plex. Not sure if that’s a limitation.

Infuse 7.4 says “Logos for movies and shows” as a feature in 7.4, but none of my shows or movies display their logo when I’m browsing episodes or anything.

Is this a limitation of using Plex again?


From James in another thread…

When using Plex, Infuse relies on the metadata/artwork fetched by your Plex server instead of getting its own. Plex does not currently fetch logos as part of its scan, so unfortunately these won’t be available in Infuse when using Plex. We’re looking into a few options for enabling this in a future update.

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As @Hitsville said, this feature currently doesn’t work with Plex shares.

Here’s the thread discussing the new features and Plex with James’ response.

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Dang. That’s such a bummer. I loved running my library straight into Infuse but also love the features Plex gives me. Feels like I give up a lot just to have ‘skip intro’ though.

Are these same issues present when using another media server, like Jellyfin?

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Nope I believe Jellyfin and Emby both support logo’s

I actually did a test of Emby a few days ago and Infuse definitely showed logos when hooked in to Emby.

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