Logo refresh problem on macOS


When I change the logo, either on the TMDB site directly or locally on my server in the folder of the movies or TV series, the change is not done on macOS. It keeps the initial logo…!
This problem does not occur on tvOS or iPadOS.


New logos (and other changes) on TMDB will be pulled down by Infuse on a daily basis automatically.

If these were just added to TMDB, I’d give it a day or two and they should appear.


It turns out that in many cases, the logo on TMDB does not suit me.
So I put my own logo locally in the folder where the movie is or in the season folders for the series. Unfortunately without any effect… On the iPad, as soon as this change is made it takes effect very quickly…
I put you an example that does not take into account my change while it is ok on iPadOS and tvOS…



If you’re adding a local logo after Infuse has already cached info for a particular title, you will need to use the Edit Metadata option to refresh/update details in order for the new logo to appear.

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